Wishing Necklace Grande 648 Pcs


    Enchant with Pura Vida's Wishing Necklace Grande. Featuring 648 silver alloy necklaces, each with a unique charm, these 16-18 inch pieces come individually carded and barcoded. Displayed on a floor stand, they offer durability and lasting beauty, perfect for inspiring wishes. Ideal for any occasion, these necklaces combine elegance and sentiment effortlessly.

    Case Deals - 648 Pcs / Unit

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    5 Units 100 Units 25% Discount

    Product Information

    Brand: Pura Vida

    Quantity: 648 pieces of different charmed necklaces on a floor stand.

    Size: 16 - 18 inches.

    Materials: Alloy chain.

    Color: Silver

    Weight: 70 pounds per case. 

    Features: Make a wish necklaces are crafted from comfortable, reliable, and durable alloy chains that resist breaking, fading, or rusting, ensuring long-term use. Each necklace comes with a wish gift card made of thick, sturdy paper.

    Theme: Express your wishes with durable charm necklaces.

    Type of Packaging: 648 pieces individually carded and barcoded.

    SKU: 812297039522

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