Doggy Love Pearl 24 Pcs.


    Discover Earth & Surf's Doggy Love Pearl collection: 24 enchanting pieces featuring six different dog breed designs. Each necklace contains a cultured pearl in one of five exquisite colors—white, cream, peach, purple, or black—encased in a silver-plated cage. Perfectly packaged for gifting, each pearl emanates natural beauty and energy, making it a cherished keepsake.

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    Product Information

    Brand: Earth & Surf

    Quantity: Total of 24 pieces, featuring 6 different designs with 4 pieces of each design on the countertop display.

    Size: 16 inch necklace.

    Materials: Farm-raised oyster in a can (mollusk not alive). Includes a silver-plated necklace chain and cage for the pearl.

    Color: A pearl with one of the five colors: white, cream, peach, purple, black.

    Weight: 10 pounds per case: 

    Features: Each necklace features one of 6 different dog breed designs, along with a silver-plated necklace chain and cage for the pearl.

    Theme: Discover the natural elegance of cultured oyster pearls, embodying pure beauty and timeless charm.

    Type of Packaging: 24 pieces individually boxed and barcoded.

    SKU: 812297031564

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