Aesthetic Dream Catchers Grande 360 Pcs


    You can introduce a touch of cultural serenity to your store's offerings with our Aesthetic Dream Catchers Grande. These dream catchers are crafted with the style of Pacific islanders and they merge various cultural art forms. Each piece is unique and features natural materials. They beautify spaces as ornaments or decorations, making these dream catchers an attractive option for customers who value authenticity and craftsmanship. These well-liked dreamcatchers have proven to be successful sales pieces for a range of retail venues, including souvenir and gift shops.

    Case Deals - 360 Pcs / Unit

    Min Buy Max Buy Offer
    5 Units 100 Units 25% Discount

    Product Information

    Brand: Earth & Surf

    Quantity: Each case contains 3 sizes, 120 pcs per size, total of 360 pcs

    Size: 4 inch, 6 inch and 8 inch

    Materials: Genuine feathers, cotton cords, and wood or bamboo circles.

    Color: Angel white dominant, varied colors.

    Weight: 70 pounds per case

    Features: Maintenance free, biodegradable components.

    100% Hand Made by Agabong Java Tribe.

    SKU: 840272702727

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    - We ship from California.
    - For information on returns, please visit our Returns page.

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