72 Pcs. Shark Teeth Necklace 2


    Discover Shark Teeth Necklaces by Earth & Surf! Explore 12 styles with genuine shark teeth on vibrant necklaces. Displayed on a 2 sided spinner display, each necklace blends durability with lightweight comfort. The necklace part has been crafted from clam and coconut shells, and polished for a sleek finish. With 72 carded pieces, embrace the fossilized charm of these timeless accessories.

    Case Deals - 72 Pcs / Unit

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    5 Units 100 Units 25% Discount

    Product Information

    Brand: Earth & Surf

    Quantity: The package includes a total of 72 pieces, displayed on a countertop spinner.

    Size: Approximately 20 inches long

    Materials: Full beaded coco and puka chip shark tooth necklaces

    Color: Assorted colors.

    Weight: 70 pounds per case

    Features: Made of genuine clam and coconut shells, drilled, smoothed, and polished. Durable, lightweight, and easy to care for.

    Theme: Fossilized shark tooth

    Type of Packaging: 72 pieces individually carded and barcoded

    SKU: 879942002256

    Shipping & Returns

    - We ship within 2 bussiness days.
    - We ship from California.
    - For information on return, please visit our Returns page

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