A box of bulk 24 Pcs Zodiac Love Pearl Necklaces A box of bulk 24 Pcs Zodiac Love Pearl Necklaces

    24 Pcs Zodiac Love Pearl Necklaces


    Astrology meets elegance in our Zodiac Love Pearl. Each set includes a farm-raised oyster in a can, revealing a pearl that complements its silver-plated zodiac cage necklace. These necklaces appeal to a diverse customer base. Packaged in custom gift boxes, they are perfect for those seeking a cosmic connection, adding a unique touch to your assortment.  With their broad appeal, these necklaces serve as a solid sales proposition for shops specializing in souvenirs and gifts, as well as general retailers.

    Case Deals - 24 Pcs / Unit

    Min Buy Max Buy Offer
    5 Units 100 Units 25% Discount

    SKU: 879942000696

    Categories: Genuine Pearls , Love Pearl , Necklaces

    Product Information

    Brand: Earth & Surf

    Quantity: Each case has 12 zodiac designs, 2 pieces per zodiac, a total of 24 pcs  

    Size: Chain: 18" adjustable to 21", Cage: 1"

    Materials: Farm-raised oyster in a can, silver plated necklace and cage. 

    Color: Varies by theme of the box

    Weight: 10 pounds per case

    Features: Maintenance free

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