Arrowhead Pendants 18 Pcs


    Discover the power of Earth & Surf's Arrowhead Pendants. This collection features 18 individually packed semi-precious stone pendants, available in six different crystal varieties, each with a cord. Each crystal possesses a unique structure and healing frequency, amplifying personal energy. Perfectly displayed in a countertop box, these pendants are boxed and barcoded for easy retail.

    Case Deals - 18 Pcs / Unit

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    5 Units 100 Units 25% Discount

    Product Information

    Brand: Earth & Surf

    Quantity: Total of 18 pieces, featuring 6 styles, with 3 pieces per style on a countertop display. 

    Materials: Semi-precious stone clusters.

    Color: 6 different assorted color crystals.

    Weight: 6 pounds per case 

    Theme: Your personal energy signature influences the experiences, people, and situations you attract in your life.

    Type of Packaging: 18 pieces boxed and barcoded.

    SKU: 817950019941

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    - We ship within 2 business days.
    - We ship from California.
    - For information on returns, please visit our Returns page.

    Categories: Necklaces , Semi Precious Stones

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