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    600 Pcs. Chakra Power Bracelets & Necklaces


    Presenting Chakra Power Bracelets & Necklaces, a harmonious blend of gemstones for balance and healing. With 600 quality pieces displayed on a three-sided floor stand, each bracelet and necklace is meticulously crafted from premium raw materials. Embrace the power of chakras and promote harmony in your life with these beautifully designed accessories.

    Case Deals - 600 Pcs / Unit

    Min Buy Max Buy Offer
    5 Units 100 Units 25% Discount

    Product Information

    Brand: Earth & Surf

    Quantity: An assortment of chakra stone merchandise, totaling 600 pieces, is displayed on a 3-sided floor rack.

    Size: One size fits most

    Materials: Crafted with care from premium-quality raw materials, each piece is expertly assembled with hand-picked chains, beads, crystals, stones, and gems.

    Color: Assorted Colors

    Weight: 80 pounds per case

    Theme: Crystal pendants uniquely offer harmony in the wearer's relationships.

    Type of Packaging: 600 pcs individually carded and barcoded

    SKU: 840272714072

    Shipping & Returns

    - We ship within 2 business days.
    - We ship from California.
    - For information on returns, please visit our Returns page.

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